Bespoke Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut laser cut wedding invitations, invitatons for weddings

Why choose a laser cut wedding invitation?

Cutture creates bespoke, contemporary, laser-cut wedding stationery for sophisticated, style-conscious brides and couples who appreciate the fine details of British craftsmanship and design. Known as one of the leading companies offering laser cut wedding invitations we offer more than just card invites. Our bespoke laser cut wedding invitations are of the highest quality and we work hard to provide something that will be unique to you, reflecting your personality.

Modern take on a traditional wedding invitation

laser cut wedding invitations are a beautiful way to portray elegance and style in todays world.

Example of our Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Often for weddings we create designs that are so personal to our clients, only they or their guests will understand the meaning, which we think is rather special. We literally create bespoke illustrations of a couples life together, their day or any other design they wish to create when choosing our laser cut wedding invitation design service .

Michael and Lisa, a lovely couple from England and the USA, chose Cutture to design their wedding invitations and we thought it was a perfect start for one of our ‘storyboard’ designs. We showed them some of our laser cut wedding invitation designs and once we had agreed on some ideas our inbox filled with images from Batman and Wonderwoman and their desert island proposal.

Laser cut wedding stationery

Michael and Lisa included in their design, London and New York skylines, Batman and Wonderwoman symbols (we don’t like to ask how our couples get their nicknames!), their wedding venue, the bar where they met and worked together, their rivaling football teams, their cat ‘Captain’ and of course the desert island scene proposal which they re-inacted just for us. These elements were all especially crafted into a bespoke wedding invitation which was unique to them.

Save the Date Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Many brides and bridegrooms organising a wedding decide to send a laser cut save the date invitation once they have booked their venue, or if they have decided on a date but not confirmed venues. These are usually sent before final arrangements have been made that will appear in the formal wedding invitation. Save the date invitations usually have very little information apart from the date. Wedding invitations include all of the wedding information for guests and often also include additional information like places to stay and travel information.

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