What is Bespoke Wedding Invitations?

Peacock Wedding Invitations by Bespoke Press | Invitation Crush

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece with a complete design experience choose our bespoke service. This personal service is ideal if you are looking for something completely unique and individual. We take inspiration from you to design the perfect reflection of you and your occasion.

Whether it is matching colours to bridesmaid dresses, using your location as a design statement or taking the lace pattern from your veil to create a unique design. It’s like having your very own graphic designer to help create the quintessential first impression for your big event.

Get in touch by email or phone to discuss your requirements. Please browse though a selection of our most recent bespoke work below to inspire you.

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  • Avatar Rich Does anyone know a printers that can cut bespoke shapes?
    Jan 24, 2012 by Rich | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I m looking to design and print my own wedding invitations but I want them to be a pocket fold design so it wont be just a square or oblong shape. I m looking to find a printer that can cut to any shape.

    • The term is Die-cutting search google for printers and include that term.

  • Avatar moonshine-monique How much should you charge for handmaking bespoke craft products?
    Aug 10, 2008 by moonshine-monique | Posted in Small Business

    I make quality wedding invitations , place cards, menus and favour boxes etc. by hand to my customers designs, and have never been sure what hourly rate to charge for the service. Does anyone know if there s a commonly agreed hourly rate? Thank you.

    • Handmade items are usually sold on a price per product basis rather then hourly rate, search google for website who sell the same things and work out a good amount from there. Make sure you take into account how much products cost and then add a little bit extra for the service!