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In the Words of Stefanie Lauvray, Owner
While Chris and I were planning our wedding we found that many services we wanted for our special day were either not available, too costly or unfortunately lacking customer service. I had experience in the bridal industry as a regional Bridal Manager for Macy’s Department Stores and knew that this industry requires more than just good service, but an expert at making people feel outstanding about the decisions they make for their big day. I had always dreamed of owning my own business and the bridal business seemed to be a good fit for me. I started with one invitation catalog on one little table at a small bridal show, and that is where I met my first customer.

Over the years, I have been asked many questions about the name Alternative Hitches. It actually has special meaning to me. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Textile Science. While attending, I was assigned a project to design a clothing line and create a marketing strategy. I chose to design very unique styles of wedding dresses that had a sort of punk appeal and named the line Alternative Hitches. At the time, the Alternative Hitches line stood apart from all the rest of the student competition because it was something different from what was currently seen on the runways, and the designs were inspired by asking fellow students what details they would want to see one day in their dress on their wedding day.

Today, Alternative Hitches no longer has a punk appeal, but what does still hold true is that our product and service is based on the clients needs and making your dream day come true.

Thats the problem

2010-02-04 14:04:33 by z-isle

My mom has severe disabilities. She cannot do it. :( As a matter of fact, trying to figure out how to get her to my wedding and to participate in teh wedding (as she will surely want to do) is a great source of stress for me- but THAT stress is one my fiancee will be ahppy to help with becasue he knows that it is stressful and why.
I have a mother-like figure from church, but I wonder if she will have time to help? I feel bad asking for too much help.
My closest bridesmaid is my sister/MOH who lives 4 hours away...the others are all accorss the country and preoccupied with their new and/or growing families

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