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Hoedown Typography Wedding Invitation Sample Set / Backwoods

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Thats the problem

2010-02-04 14:04:33 by z-isle

My mom has severe disabilities. She cannot do it. :( As a matter of fact, trying to figure out how to get her to my wedding and to participate in teh wedding (as she will surely want to do) is a great source of stress for me- but THAT stress is one my fiancee will be ahppy to help with becasue he knows that it is stressful and why.
I have a mother-like figure from church, but I wonder if she will have time to help? I feel bad asking for too much help.
My closest bridesmaid is my sister/MOH who lives 4 hours away...the others are all accorss the country and preoccupied with their new and/or growing families

Wolf Designs Bridal Ceremony Jewelry Case
Watch (Wolf Designs)
  • Size: 13? w x 10? d x 3.75? h
  • Color: Cream
  • Bound guestbook with picture frame, a pen and penholder, matching bride and groom ring cases, a marriage license/document holder, and a plaque for engraving
  • Made of quilted faux leather with embroidered brocade lining and polished chrome fittings
  • This deluxe storage case is part of an ensemble collection of elegant bridal accessories

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    I am tasked to make a future wedding invitation for my sister and I don t want to make her a simple invitation. Instead, I am thinking of a not-so-graphic-intensive invitation. And by not-so-graphic-intensive invitation, I mean not the plain white paper, little design and more on words, but also not the poster type (many drawings and elements, retro-looking, and other modern stuff). She does not want her and his boyfriend s photo present in the invitation as it is too common in our country, making photoshop not really the ideal editing tool. But, she does not want a simple invitation. She wants …

    • For what you are looking to do I would stick to Illustrator since you own it. Both products would work just fine as it doesn t seem like you are doing anything complicated. There are also several sites that allow you to design invitations online without having to purchase the software. Try googling "design your own invites"

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