Discount Country Wedding Invitations

Country side style gold rustic fall cheap wedding invitations EWI045

What will happen after I placed the order?

1.Proofing: After you place the order, our designers will design your invitations carefully and making sure everything looks great. It will take about 24 hours on our business days.

2.Review: Your e-proofs will send to you by email for your preview as soon as they are ready. Be sure to check over all spelling, details and layout. If you need any changes let us know!

3.Approval: Once you are satisfied with your proofs, please let us know. After getting your approval, we will start to print your invitations. We will not print until get your approval.

4.Printing and shipping: You will receive your invitations in 5 business days after you approve your proofs. Your invitations will ship flat, neatly packaged and ready for you to assemble through UPS or DHL. We will send you the checking numbers after we shipped the items.

Any questions, feel free to contact with us.

Thats the problem

2010-02-04 14:04:33 by z-isle

My mom has severe disabilities. She cannot do it. :( As a matter of fact, trying to figure out how to get her to my wedding and to participate in teh wedding (as she will surely want to do) is a great source of stress for me- but THAT stress is one my fiancee will be ahppy to help with becasue he knows that it is stressful and why.
I have a mother-like figure from church, but I wonder if she will have time to help? I feel bad asking for too much help.
My closest bridesmaid is my sister/MOH who lives 4 hours away...the others are all accorss the country and preoccupied with their new and/or growing families

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  • Set up the picture where she can see it!
  • Style them with the included comb!
  • The royal wedding invitation comes in its own envelope.
  • Ages 3 and Up

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