Couture Wedding Invitations for less

Plum seedling wedding invites from InviteSite. Oh, the texture! So it would be pretty safe to assume that InviteSite’s out of your budget…right? Wrong! Their invites are crazy-unbelievable reasonably priced. In fact, they’ll cost you about 60% less than full-service letterpress, with the same (or better!) result. Here’s how they pull it off: All of InviteSite’s invitations come as DIY kits that you assemble yourself at home. It’s not the rough-around-the-edges, homestyle DIY (though we enjoy that too!), but rather, InviteSite’s kits are a totally fail-safe way to assemble elegant, modern, world-class invitation suites that look like they were hand-finished by the pros.Pretty on the inside That means that you save the expensive labor costs associated with assembly and still get the same beautiful invitations that lots of other brides pay thousands for. And while all of InviteSite’s invitations are assembled at home, you also have the option of printing your own invites (it’s easier than it sounds, I promise!) for even more savings. If printing’s not your bag, let InviteSite handle offset (regular) or letterpress (fancy-schmancy) printing for you!

One of InviteSite’s most popular items right now are their red-hot plantable paper wedding invitations. The texture of these papers is just un-bee-lievable. And though they’re notoriously difficult to print on, InviteSite’s got it covered, with modern graphic designs that work beautifully with the paper’s natural bumpy groovy-ness.The Poetica vintage inspired letterpress booklet

The seeded wedding invitations are made of tree free, handmade paper with real, plantable Cosmo or Marigold seeds. So your guests can actually drop these babies in their gardens and watch a bed of wildflowers blossom! *Insert sweet marriage metaphor here* My personal favorite design is the Plum seedling wedding invitation, pictured above. It comes in a multilayered, luxurious booklet form that will wow your guests.This Poetica invite contains...what else? Poetry! The portfolio wrapper ismade from recycled cotton rag handmade paper from India, which might be the most sustainable paper known to man, made from actual cloth scrap from the garment industry.

So now that you’ve peeped the invites, here’s the part you won’t believe: 100 of any of the invitations pictured here will cost you just $340 if you print yourself, and a max of $600 if InviteSite handles all the printing details for you. When I recently priced invitations at a local stationer’s shop, a similar invitation suite sold for nearly $2, 000!

I couldn’t resist throwing in this image of the Poetica, above, which may well be my fave invitation on InviteSite. This vintage-inspired letterpress booklet is printed in violet-colored ink on crisp white, thick cotton paper, with a handsome pocket for an rsvp set or enclosures. It also has a two panel invitation sheet, which makes it perfect for you multi-culti pairs who want to include two languages in your wedding invitation.

The Poetica is made from recycled 100% cotton paper, then diecut and letterpress printed in Pasadena, California. Choosing 100% recycled paper (and not the standard partially recycled paper) goes beyond conserving on your own invites. The more we use 100% PCW papers, the more giant paper mills will make it, effecting a large and significant change across the entire paper market. Right now, about 55% of paper still goes to landfill, and much of the remaining reclaimed fiber gets shipped to other countries. Think of your invitation choice as a vote of sorts. You’re electing better practices in paper mills by telling the people who make paper products that you only want to buy 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Pretty powerful, huh? If all brides made recycled content a priority when shopping for wedding invitations, it would turn the paper and stationery industries on their ears!

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Wedding Invitation From "Stranger"

2006-06-12 23:04:21 by -

Just got an invitation from my cousin's daughter. My cousin died several years ago and I have never met the daughter. She addressed the invitation to Mrs. (I've never been married) and misspelled my name. This young woman lives in San Diego and I'm in SF, so I'm not compelled to attend the wedding. Am I wrong to feel this invite is just sort of an invoice or should I be honored to be invited? My cousin and I lived in different parts of the country and didn't see each other but a few times in our lives. I'm wrestling with this and would appreciate some input.

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