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Unique. Individual. One of a kind. Like the women who wear them, each of my gowns is an original creation. I believe that a wedding gown should be an expression of who you are so that on your wedding day yoiur true beauty will shine through.I am an independent designer in San Diego, CA. I am excited to announce the release of two new collections of wedding gowns. The first is inspired by modern art, and the second by vintage styles. My full collections can be viewed on my website at also make custom wedding gowns for brides both locally and internationally. I love working one on one with brides to make their dream dress a reality. My goal is to make fine couture accessible to everyone, and as such I strive to work with each brides' budget and unique sense of style. If you are interested in having a custom gown made, please contact me directly at or 619.892.4280.
Best wishes,
- Danielle Marie Berg

RED Silk Rose Petals - 200/Bag
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • These lush silk rose petals are ideal for sprinkling on banquet, buffet, cake, and/or guest book tables.
  • Decorate frames, invitations, baskets, boxes, bags, and ring pillows.
  • Since these silk rose petals can be reused over and over again, be sure to collect them up after your event and use at your next celebration.
  • These silk rose petals are unscented and so won t affect those with allergies and they will never wilt in warm temperatures.
  • These RED silk rose petals are sold in bags of 200 silk rose petals (a combination of large and small petals) (approximately 8 cups).

Wedding Invitation From "Stranger"

2006-06-12 23:04:21 by -

Just got an invitation from my cousin's daughter. My cousin died several years ago and I have never met the daughter. She addressed the invitation to Mrs. (I've never been married) and misspelled my name. This young woman lives in San Diego and I'm in SF, so I'm not compelled to attend the wedding. Am I wrong to feel this invite is just sort of an invoice or should I be honored to be invited? My cousin and I lived in different parts of the country and didn't see each other but a few times in our lives. I'm wrestling with this and would appreciate some input.

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