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Our foil edging conjures up those gorgeous gilded edges of old medieval books—but oh there are so many fun colors to choose from these days for your wedding invitations! You can choose your foil edging from any of our foil stamping colors (see below). Foil edging gives a wonderfully smooth, radiant, shiny, luscious, reflective, awe-inspiring (should we go on?) surface to the edges of important pieces in your wedding suite. Certainly we can edge your letterpress invitations in gold or silver, but we can also do hot pink! Greens! Coppers! Blues! We can foil edge anything except folded pieces, die-cut pieces, coasters, and reply postcards. Foil edging is more expensive than edge painting, but we’re kind of obsessed with it right now and think it’s well worth it. We would foil edge ourselves if we could. (There is an additional cost for this customization.)

Wilton Wilton 1008-1625 Zebra Invitation Kit, 12 Count
Kitchen (Wilton)
  • Kit includes: 12 invitation cards with mailing envelopes, and 3 test sheets
  • Style: bold 1 inch black and white zebra border printed on white card with pink foil interior accent border
  • Create your own distinctive invitations with professional results right at home
  • Wilton Print Wizard provides templates and step-by-step instruction to help you personalize and print your custom invitations
  • Includes 3 test sheets to help ensure perfect printing

Wedding Invitation From "Stranger"

2006-06-12 23:04:21 by -

Just got an invitation from my cousin's daughter. My cousin died several years ago and I have never met the daughter. She addressed the invitation to Mrs. (I've never been married) and misspelled my name. This young woman lives in San Diego and I'm in SF, so I'm not compelled to attend the wedding. Am I wrong to feel this invite is just sort of an invoice or should I be honored to be invited? My cousin and I lived in different parts of the country and didn't see each other but a few times in our lives. I'm wrestling with this and would appreciate some input.

Wilton Wilton 1008-1617 Black Glitter Pocket Invitation Kit, 25 Count
Kitchen (Wilton)
  • Kit includes: 25 invite cards, 25 direction cards, 25 glitter pockets, 25 reply cards 25 satin ribbons
  • Style: dazzling black glitter pocket card, with black foil border stamped on white cards, and black satin ribbon
  • Create your own distinctive pocket invitations with professional results right at home
  • Wilton Print Wizard provides templates and step-by-step instruction to help you personalize and print your custom invitations
  • Includes 6 test sheets to help ensure perfect printing
Hortense B. Hewitt 50 Count Triple Pearl Border Invitation Kit
Home (Sourced Wit)
  • Triple Pearl Border Invitation Kit comes with everything you need to prepare 50 custom invitations
  • 5.5 x 7.5-Inch white invitations with pearl borders; envelopes have silver liners
  • Includes RSVP folders and envelopes and clear seals with silver foil hearts
  • With DIY invitations, you can modify wording for different guests or print the exact number you need when you need them
  • Nice enough for weddings, also a lovely choice for showers, galas, parties and other events
George Stanley Tropical Wedding Tea Length Imprintable Invitation, 10-Count (46095)
Office Product (Mara Mi)
  • Flat card
  • Foil Stamped
  • Laser and ink jet compatible
  • Boxed set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes
  • Cards measure 3.75 x 7.5-Inches
hallmark Hallmark Bridal Shower Invitations{8 Pack}
Single Detail Page Misc (hallmark)

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