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Having a solid idea about the kind of wedding you’re planning is key when you start looking for invitations. Are you going to have a large, traditional wedding or a smaller wedding at a park? Your invitations are the first indication your guests will have about the wedding and they help to set the tone. The more information you can give to your designer, the better! I love knowing where a client is getting married or what colors the bridesmaid dresses will be and incorporating these details into the invitations.

Many letterpress printers have several options available for customizing handmade invitations without having a complete custom design created from scratch. For all of my pre-designed pieces, the couple always has the option of changing ink colors, paper stock, wording, and typefaces. I have a list of available typefaces that I provide to my clients and I often custom-mix the ink colors for the invitations to match a swatch of fabric from a tie or a dress. If the designer already has a card with a design you like, you may want to ask if that specific element can be incorporated into your wedding invitations. This may also cut down on the cost of custom design because the illustration and plate have already been created.

[Left: mixing the perfect shade of green ink, Right: green swirl cards]

The timeframe for custom invitations is generally 4-6 weeks for design work and 4-6 weeks for the printing. The process may be shorter if you know exactly what you want, or longer if you make a lot of changes to the design. I would suggest building in a bit of a cushion in your timeline for addressing the invitations. Many printers will mail you the envelopes early so that you can start the process of addressing or give them to a calligrapher.

If you’re in love with the work of a designer who isn’t also a letterpress printer, you may want to ask the designer and the printer if they would be willing to work with you on the invitations. I have printed for a few clients who either designed their own invitations or worked with another designer and the process was a lot of fun.

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3dRose LLC Danita Delimont - Motorcycles - Petersen Automotive Museum, Skeleton motorcycle - US05 WBI1004 - Walter Bibikow - Greeting Cards-12 Greeting Cards with envelopes
Office Product (3dRose LLC)
  • Heavy-duty card stock.
  • Gloss finish exterior
  • Matte finish interior for smudge free writing
  • Cards are creased for easy folding
  • Set of 12 greeting cards; 12 white envelopes included.

Wedding Invitations

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