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Getting married? Graduating? Just want to thank your neighbor for a potluck well done? At Staples, we have all the right stationery to get the job done.

  • Customize Your Look - We have a wide array of designs in stock, specially crafted for each occasion. Celebrate the changing seasons with autumn stationery, or purchase a wedding invitation kit to cover all of your needs.
  • Wide Range of Sizes - Our invitations and cards come in all shapes and sizes, printed on thick quality stock.
  • Spice Up Your Work - Got a big school report or family newsletter and want to add a little color and play? Our decorative desktop stationery will be just the right thing. Or send a unique postcard from wherever you are!
We’ve got all the right materials for all of your stationery needs.

Wedding Invitations

2008-02-22 12:00:36 by 89cns

Welcome to CNS Print and Design!
We are a brand new printing and design Business based out of Los Angeles. Our mission: to offer the widest range of printing, finishing, and design services at the absolute lowest prices out there while providing the very best in customer service and customer satisfaction!
· Announcements/Invitations
· Binding/Padding/Cutting/Folding/Stapling/Lamination
· Business Cards/Stationery (Flat Print or Thermograph)
· Copies/Transparencies/Scanning
· Custom Stamps & Seals/Custom Labels

Bauxko 3" x 2" x 2" (Small) White Shipping Boxes, Corrugated Mailers, 12-Pack
Office Product (Bauxko)
  • White Fold-Up Corrugated Shipping Boxes/Mailers
  • Choose Any Size
  • Most Products Ship Same Day
  • Quanities of 12, 25, & 50
  • Price is per bundle
Avery Avery Shipping Labels for Laser Printers, 8.5 x 11 Inch, White, Box of 100 (5165)
Office Product (Avery)
  • Create any size label
  • Bright White Labels for sharper print quality
  • Jam-Free Guarantee
  • Easy-to-use Avery Tempalates for Microsoft Word
  • Guaranteed printer performance in HP, Canon, Epson and other popular laser printers

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  • Avatar Sherry Where can I make copies of my wedding invitations?
    Jun 13, 2011 by Sherry | Posted in Weddings

    So I ordered my wedding invitations from a website and had them custom printed with everything on it. And now its coming down to time to send them out and I just realized I need more. I can order them again straight from the website and actually did that a second time but it s really expensive and I was wondering if anyone knew if I would be able to take them to officedepot or staples or somewhere like that and they could make copies for me?? Any advice is appreciated or if u have any other ideas Thanks in advance!

    • You can try office supply stores like Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, etc or specialize print shops. Of those usually the office supply stores are cheaper. Or, you can rather than copy them make a second set of invites from your own printer too.

  • Avatar mydnyht How can I order a custom watermark press?
    Dec 03, 2008 by mydnyht | Posted in Other - Visual Arts

    I am looking to create invitations by hand for my cousin s wedding. She likes the watermark effect, and I d like to order a metal press so I can do it myself. I know they used to exist - I have a few antique watermark presses that are hand-held and were used in town halls to add the town s seal to paper. Does anyone know where I can get something like this?

    • Er..they emboss a sign they don t watermark it exactly. Watermarks are made when the sheet of paper is pulled or manufactured. Those stamps can be made at Staples they have preset designs and you can also come in with your own (like a Business logo) and they will make the embossing stamp for you. They have the designs at the copy center where you get banners and custom prints made.

  • Avatar recycledaireater Where can I go to print custom wedding invitations?
    Mar 31, 2008 by recycledaireater | Posted in Weddings

    I need to print out invitations for a wedding on the cheap. If I illustrate and text them myself, where can I go to get them printed? I will need envelopes too so is there a service that I can take the design to?

    • You can go to a store like Staples that sells wedding invitation kits (like in the link below) and most Staples have a copy & print center, so you can take your design there and have them print it for you in the store, and it s pretty inexpensive if I remember from when i worked there.