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Stephanie Formal Letterpress Wedding Invitation with RibbonI’m big on splurging on items like letterpress wedding invitations,and using my own DIY-savvy to spruce them up! You probably have a ton of stuff lying around the house waiting to decorate your new invites.

Here are just a few I can think of:


Ribbon can be used for anything. I love thick,smooth ribbon in place of belly bands.Devi Indian Wedding Card Letterpress Wedding Invitation with second paper layer

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Colored Paper

A second paper layer behind your letterpress wedding invitation adds a pop of color and a touch of charm. Guests might actually feel bad about throwing your custom invitation away after the affair!

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Your Printer

Your printer might be your best friend in your DIY endeavors. Making your own envelope liners seriously completes an invitation suite,and is one of the simplest things in the world to do.

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Written by Katie

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Plenty of options

2007-01-24 10:06:51 by maxdax

Many places have higher prices for weddings on Saturdays, opt for a Sunday or a Friday night. Also do a lunch instead of a dinner, people tend to want to stick around and drink and party when its later.
DIY wedding invitations - I actually did mine from Target and they were really nice and in the color I wanted, cream stock card with a red velum paper cover and tied with a ribbon. The card I did on my printer at home.
Check out Costco (if you have it) for flowers, talk with the florist I was able to get really nice flowers, in my colors, cheaply there, then we just prepared the vases ourselves

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