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1. Make sure you give yourself enough time.
Designing, printing, assembling, addressing, and mailing your invitations will take a very long time… I’m not going to lie. It may be one of the most time-consuming tasks you will encounter while wedding planning. I’m not trying to scare you — just prepare you! If you think you can complete the task from start to finish in a month, give yourself two months. Everyone works at their own pace but it is better to err on the side of caution and give yourself plenty of time to account for your learning curve. A good rule of thumb is to mail your invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding date, leaving your guests at least a month to reply before your response date, so try to plan things out so everything is completed several weeks ahead of this timeline in the event that you run into roadblocks along the way. I mailed our invitations on July 22 and our reply by date was September 1 (for our September 20 wedding), so our guests had ample time to let us know whether or not they would be attending.

2. Think carefully about your “reply by” date.
If your venue needs a final count a week before your wedding, set your response date for 2.5-3 weeks before your big day. This gives you a few days to let the procrastinators get their response cards to you (taking into account the fact that the USPS may take a few days), and then have at least a week or so to round up responses from the rest of the stragglers (still also allowing you enough time to put together your seating arrangement if you’re having assigned seating). If your invitees are notorious for being hard to track down, maybe push that date up one more week to give yourself extra time to get answers from everyone. Our reply date was September 1 and we started calling people who didn’t respond on September 6, as we had to let our venue know our final count on September 17th (and we also needed a few days to get our seating arrangement and place cards together).

3. When designing, START WITH YOUR ENVELOPES!!!!!
I have seen it happen so many times — a desperate cry for help when a bride has designed and printed her invitations but cannot find envelopes that are the right size and in the color they want. Ladies and gents, make sure you have the envelopes BEFORE you move full steam ahead with your invitations! There are very specific standard sizes out there, and if you accidentally make your invitations 1/2″ larger than the envelopes you later find, you are going to have a big problem. Also, while there are a lot more options these days for colors, sometimes it is still hard to find the exact color you need. Know all of the materials that you’re working with before you get too far into the process.

Wilton Wilton Bronze Photo Pocket Invitation Kit
Art and Craft Supply (Wilton)
  • Includes: 25 pockets with 25 outer envelopes, 25 invitations, 25 reply cards, 25 reply card envelopes, 25 reception cards, 25 direction cards, 25 seals, 25 adhesives...
  • Set of 25
  • bronze shimmer paper

Good place to buy rubber stamps?

2006-03-19 18:17:18 by w_mass

Can anyone recommend a good website that sells rubber stamps, or a store in the Boston area that would have a good selection? I'm just looking for a few stamps for my diy wedding invitations...I'd especially like to find some Victorian style flower stamps. I like these: (esp. the flower in the upper right) and these: , but neither are quite what I'm looking for.

Wilton Print Your Own Fan Kit
Kitchen (Wilton)
  • Includes 24 fans, 24 ribbon bows, 24 fan handles, 24 adhesive strips.
  • Kit includes 24 fan paddles (5-inch x 7-inch), 24 handles (1 inch x 7.75-inch), 24 white ribbon bows, and 72 adhesives
  • Creates 24 personalized celebration fan favors; each assembled fan measures approximately 5 x 10-inch long
  • Personalize the fan front and back
  • Wedding fans not only keep guests comfortable, but let them wave their approval of the bride and groom
  • Simple assembly instructions included
Cathys Concepts Cathy'S Diy Designer Fan Program Paper Kit
Home (Cathys Concepts)
  • 80# cardstock
  • Includes 50 program paper fans, 50 wooden sticks, 108 glue dots, cd with design templates, test printing sheets and instructions
  • Perfect for the do-it-yourself bride
RaeBella Weddings & Events New York DIY Save the Date Magnets By Cathy's Concepts 50ct Kit
Health and Beauty (RaeBella Weddings & Events New York)
  • Save the Date Magnet Kit
  • 50 Magnets & 50 Envelopes (WHITE)
  • Test Printing Sheets, Instructions & Template Information
  • Size: Save the Date Magnets measure 5.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall.
  • Materials: 30# Labelstock
Yesurprise Yesurprise 12 Nail Art Tip Polish Glitter Powder Builder UV Gel Lamp Acrylic DIY Decoration Fashion Xmas Gift
Beauty (Yesurprise)
  • 100% Brand New
  • Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner
  • It Make Your Nails Look Elegance and Special
  • Compatible with Both Natural and Artificial Nails and Easy to Apply
  • Also could be Used to Decorate Your Home, Cell Phone Case, Invitation Card, Body Art etc.

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