DIY Wedding Invitations Ribbon

Idea #1: Double Ribbon Embellishments

This unique idea frames your wedding invitations in two bands of ribbons. To get started, gather together the supplies listed below:

Step One: Attach the Ribbon

Make sure there’s enough ribbon to wrap around the backside of the invitations so you can secure it tightly. Use the tape to keep it in place.

Step Two: Add Layered Card

Use the double-sided tape to attach the layered card to the back of the invitation, masking the spots where you attached the ribbon. Make sure to use plenty of tape—you wouldn’t want the back of your invites to slip off!

Step Three: Enjoy!

Aren’t they pretty? We love how the ribbon adds a subtle extra-special touch!

Idea #2: Ribbon Embellishments with Bow

This type of look is a little harder to pull off, so we recommend practicing on some scrap paper first. All you need to get started are the following supplies:

Step One: Measure and Cut Holes for the Ribbon

Carefully measure the middle of the card to establish where you’d like to place the bow. Use the cutting board or mat as backing as you slice into the cardstock, making little slits just big enough to fit the width of the ribbon through.

Step Two: Pull the Ribbon Through

To begin forming your bow, pull the ribbon through the front of the card so that the loose ends are in the back. In the front of the card, the ribbon should lie flat against the invitation between the two slits you cut.

Note: This image shows the back of the card.

Step Three: Wrap the Ribbon Around to Form a Bow

Pull each side of the ribbon back through the same slits in the card, allowing them to cross each other in the back. When you pull through the loose ends on either side, it will form a bow in the front of the card.

Tug the ends to make sure it’s tight, then trim any excess ribbon to the desired length.

Note: This image shows the back of the card.

Step Four: Add Layered Card

Attach the layered card to the back of the invitation, hiding the backside of your bow, using double-sided tape.

Step Five: Enjoy!

Your finished DIY wedding invitations with ribbon embellishments are ready to be mailed!

Did you try out this DIY project at home? Send photos to and we’ll be happy to feature your handiwork!




Wilton Wilton Glitz and Glamour Wedding Invitation Kit
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DIY Brides Beware: Wedding Shop!

2009-05-07 06:15:05 by jennut1

I am a DIY bride, and I've relied on the internet to provide most of my extraordinary deals. For example, my invitations were a total cost (inc. all postage) of $92. My invites were very chic, and I have gotten tons of compliments on them! We have purchased nearly everything online, from a waterproof camera for the honeymoon (and the honeymoon!), to our wedding rings. My number one site for this:
Some of my bigger fears of shopping online has been getting things in time for the wedding, and correcting problems that arise in a timely fashion.

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