Peacock Wedding Invitations DIY

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You can purchase any "print-it-yourself" wedding invitation kit found at office supplies store or at crafts stores such as Michaels or Joanne Fabric. You can also use an all white wedding invitation kit if you would like the colors of the feathers to stick out more.This particular kit is found at Michaels and it is called "Turquoise Lace." This kit includes: turquoise lace and ribbon tie accents, 30 embellished wedding invitations and envelopes, 30 reply cards and envelopes, 30 thank you notes and envelopes, 30 envelope seals, test sheets for easy printing, layout wording ideas, and a keepsake box. Cost: $2 per invite (depending on the kit and cost of feathers)

Skill Level: Easy (if you are computer savvy)

Items Needed:
Peacock feathers
Double Stick Tape or craft glue dots
1 invitation kit
Teal ribbon or other ribbon that makes the feathers or your wedding
Computer and Printer

Print invitations. Use a dark ink color that matches the ribbon color or one of the darker colors in the feather like emerald green or indigo blue. The kit comes with ribbon however, if you want a more dramatic feel, purchase a darker ribbon (1/2 in. in width) that matches the color of your peacock feather. For continuity, use a color that will match your ink color. Cut the base of the feather leaving a small stem. Tie the ribbon around your feather. Add a small piece of double tape or a glue dot to secure the knot of the ribbon in place. Remember to conceal the tape or glue dot on the backside of the ribbon.

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I started doing some samples of my own

2008-04-28 09:24:47 by annab83

This past weekend for DIY invitations, but I've decided to hold off and use them as Thank You cards (my mom got bummed out cuz she wanted to pay for super cute seal and send invites plus I think the extra time that goes into Thank You cards might mean a little something more...that's just for my situation though :) )
Anyway, I went to the Dollar Tree and spent seven bucks and was able to make 20 cards....I got a couple packs of their white cardstock, a pack of lilac computer paper (our colors are lilac/lavendar and white), and some 3D weddding stickers (called Layered Embellishments

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