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One way to save on money is to make your own wedding invitations. It is a good choice rather than having one printed out by a professional since it will cost you less. After preparing the wedding invitations, the next step it to make your invitation inserts paper. You must make sure that the wedding insert has the same theme as the wedding invitation for uniformity. The steps in making invitation inserts are easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Purchase paper. Purchase the type of paper that you would like to use for your invitation inserts. The best type of paper to use is a thin one. You can make use of parchment paper, handmade paper or vellum. Visit your local arts and crafts store to purchase the type of paper that you want for your invitations. Make sure you have enough paper for your invitation inserts.
  • Choose a border. Choose a border for the wedding invitation insert. You can search the Internet for some borders that you want to use. There are plenty of free sources where you can download free borders. Choose a border that is simple yet elegant to fit the theme of your wedding. You can also skip the borders if you want your invitation insert to be plain.
  • Finalize the information on invitation insert. This can be the schedule of the events that will take place during the reception, a map to go to the reception, etc. Double check the information and make sure that it is complete. Also, use the same font that you used for the wedding invitations for uniformity.
  • Print the inserts. Now that you have everything prepared, the last step is to print out your invitation inserts. Before you start printing on the paper you chose for the inserts, you might want to test print first on a sheet of paper. This will be helpful in printing the inserts properly aligned on the paper. After testing, start printing out the inserts. Make sure that you allow the ink to completely dry on the paper before you proceed with the next step.
  • Trim the paper inserts. Use a craft scissors or a paper trimmer to trim the edges of your invitation inserts. Make sure that you trim the edges properly so that they look professional. Test if the paper can fit in your invitation without being folded and without the edges peeping out of your invitation.
  • Add the insert to your invitations. For this, you can choose to glue the insert on one side of your invitation. Make sure that you use glue stick for this to avoid ruining your invitations. You can also choose to just slip it inside your invitation.

According to the Wedding Guys:

2004-09-07 00:28:54 by ohpleaseohplease

I've read conflicting advice regarding the etiquette of announcing an elopement and then inviting guests to a party to celebrate the marriage. Is it appropriate for the announcement and invitation to be printed in the same card, or do you have to send the announcement first and then follow it with a separate party invitation later?
And I've also read that it is not appropriate for the bride to wear her wedding dress during the whole of the post-elopement party. Firstly, why is that? Secondly, does the same rule hold true if the bride was married in a non-traditional red dress?

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