Layout of evening Wedding Invitations

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Also consider the ink colour you want to use. If you are planning on printing in silver or gold then a clear and simple typeface will be much easier to read.

Fresh ideas for other stationery and mementos Wedding stationery goes beyond wedding invitations. Exactly how many extras you order depends on the scale, formality and budget of your wedding. If you decide on matching extras it is recommended you order all your Stationery at the same time as this is often easier, cheaper. One complete order also ensures your stationery’s paper colour and weight, type face and design is consistent through out.

Consult Guest List
Finalise and Order You will need to finalise your guest list before you order your Stationery. If you are having trouble deciding you could try first writing a wish list of everyone you would like to come. Then consult your budget to decide realistically how many guests you can afford. This should give you a set number of guests to work with. To build your real list start from your closest family and include friends you are likely to be in contact with five years after your wedding. Save the remaining guests from your ´wish list´ as reserves if you want to send additional invites if you receive regrets.

Draft your mailing list and keep a copy for your thank you cards. Remember you will not need an invitation for each guest as many of your guests will be couples and families who only require one invitation between them. Adult children over 16, receive their own invitation separate from their parents. Remember to post invitations to your parents and the members of the wedding party as well as your celebrant. Consider that elderly relatives and close friends living overseas will appreciate receiving an invite, even though you may already know they can’t attend. Once you have counted these numbers to arrive at a final tally, add another five or ten just in case.

At least 8 weeks before the wedding

Collect Quotes
You should now be ready to order all your wedding stationery. Obtain written quotes with the details of numbers, colours, paper stock and delivery date. Double check these details when placing your order. Check the product details and quantity. If your order includes printing confirm that the printing details are correct.

Proof Read
You must carefully proof read your sample invitation to check everything from venue and date details to names, addresses , punctuation spacing and spelling. Pass the sample on to a fresh set of eyes to be extra thorough.

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As the previous poster said the biggest impact to your bill will be the amount of guests - small informal weddings are much less expensive. I'm getting married in July, we're inviting 80, expecting about 65-70 guests.
Things that helped keep our costs down:
-Have a daytime buffet instead of an evening dinner
-No wedding party
-Simple centerpieces (no one remember them anyway)
-No favors
-See if your place includes the wedding cake (ours did)
-Just have beer and wine if they don't offer open bar with meal
-No reply cards with the invitations, ju

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