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There is no doubt that weddings are stressful. The couples know it is an event of a lifetime for them, so they just want to make sure that everything is perfect. To make the day a grand success lot of things needs to be taken care of like reserving the venue, selecting the wedding attire, arranging for the caters and deciding the menu and much more, of course you would be getting help from your near and dear ones but still you need to take the final call. All the running leaves you exhausted and stressed. Here are 6 effective way for handling wedding stress.

1 – Focus on What is Important:
There are millions of minute things that need to be managed and in the middle of all these it is possible that you forget what is the most important. The most important thing is the love between you and your fiancé. All the things that you are planning is for celebrating the love and coming together of both of you in a grand way. Remember music, food, location all are temporary the most important is the love between the couples.

2 – Take help from Friends:

Make a list of “to do things” and assign them to your friends. Tell them it is their responsibility to take care of the job, ask them to take your opinion whenever needed. It will drastically cut down the job in your hand.

3 – Practice Relaxing techniques:

Follow some relaxing techniques, it can be yoga or listening to some soothing music. Going for a massage, hanging out with close friends or mediation. All these will help you keep yourself calm and composed.

4 – Get him Involved:

Well that is something new if you are specially an Indian bride. Get your man involved in the arrangement of wedding, take his opinion ask him to arrange things after all it is all about you and him. Believe us, it will surely bring both of you closer and that proximity will be beautifully reflected in your wedding photographs.

5 – Use Technology:

The aim of technology is make life easy. When you have technology at helm then you should learn to use it. Like for selecting a wedding invitation card you don’t need to move in and out of local store, you can visits any online wedding invitation stores and get a customized invitation. Most of the stores have a large variety of invitation cards related to every religion and custom. Sitting in Ontario, you can order a typical Indian scroll Wedding invitation cards, isn’t that amazing. Learn using technology, it will help you buy lots of things online. The order will be delivered at your door step, and you will get ample time to focus on other things. When you have ample time to relax, there will be no stress.

6 – Treat yourself Well:

Make it habit of eating healthy food and exercising on a regular basis. Avoid eating junk foods, alcoholic beverages and too much oily stuff. Include lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables and protein in your meals. Go to bed early and make sure you get at least eight hours of sound sleep that will revitalize the energy. Read romantic books and movies, it will keep stress miles away and your heart will be just filled with love.

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Woohoo it is friday!

2008-08-29 13:27:03 by camelbride

Okay, some questions. Here is the situation with our (maybe) caterer.
We asked our favorite Indian restaurant if they would cater for us. They said yes. They have catered before, but not for something as fancy as a wedding. (please note that our wedding, while not fancy, is going to be elegant)
We asked what they could do. Basically, they are going to bring over the big dishes/warmer tin things and set them up. It is going to be buffet, and they even have cards to set up saying exactly what everything is and how spicy. They are going to get us fresh coffee from India also, which has yummy spices in it

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