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Wedding invitation wording question!

2005-04-20 09:54:10 by soontobe

Hi everyone,
I'm getting married in August and I'm in the process of creating my own invitations. There are a couple questions. I am having a Hindu ceremony (my fiance is Indian, I am American) and I would like to encourage my guests to wear either Indian attire (I will be in a sari) or attire from their culture (a diverse family and friends). Is there an appropriate way to convey this message and where do I put that information? My other issue is gift registry. Neither my fiance nor I really like the idea, but people will want to bring us gifts and we would like to give them the opportunity to do so

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  • Avatar P.Kumar Is there any website or software available free on net to craete Traditional Indian wedding card?
    Nov 24, 2008 by P.Kumar | Posted in Software

    I want to create a sample wedding invitation card for my dear and want to send her through mail to surprise her.I know there are lots of sites for ecard but i want to create a wedding card like real one.

    • Why don t you use Power point?

  • Avatar Maggie My husband and I have been invited to a Sikh wedding in India in October?
    Sep 12, 2011 by Maggie | Posted in Other - India

    I would really appreciate some advice about what to expect in terms of how we should dress, behave, etc to join in with enthusiasm whilst avoiding any possibility of inadvertent disrespect. I understand that the celebrations last for a few days and that we will receive an invitation detailing the itinerary for the duration, but love to hear first hand from the experts so that we can appreciate and understand the ceremony despite the language barrier. Thank you.

    • Have a look on this video, give better understanding for dress sense and general awareness, time management will not be cosidered. yes don t forget to visit " TAJ MAHAL" TRADITIONAL DANCE OF SIKHS CALLED "BHANGADA"

  • Avatar anjali Please tell me websites where i can find matter to be printed on wedding invitation cards.?
    Feb 01, 2011 by anjali | Posted in Engagements & Weddings

    I m a punjabi gal getting married to a sikh boy.

    • This website contains sample verses for all types of celebrations including weddings and the verses are listed by different themes/categories for easy searching -

  • Avatar Alphabetty We are a multicultural couple, the tradition on my fiances side is to give money, should we still register?
    Apr 17, 2011 by Alphabetty | Posted in Weddings

    We are having a bit of a conundrum. most of our wedding guests will be Indian and traditionally would give a monetary gift. Some of our guests are Canadian and traditionally would give a gift, so should we still register? we do not want our Indian guests to feel that they should purchase a present as the reception is going to be a traditional Punjabi reception and we want to respect their traditions. What should we do?

    • Hmm, well my family comes from the money is absolutely unacceptable as a gift unless from parents or grandparents to children/grandchildren school, that s how I was raised. Money as a gift doesn t bother me. Much. You should register. Now here s the neat, and actually traditional part. You know who you tell about the registry? Only immediate family, MoH, etc. You don t send anything written to guests about it. If you have old school canadian guests, they will ask someone close to you (or maybe you, but that s less traditional) where you are registered. And they can be told. Anyone who …

  • Avatar lax s Can anyone help me with wording my indian wedding invitation?
    Apr 24, 2007 by lax s | Posted in Engagements & Weddings

    Are there any websites with examples of the wording please help!

    • Site has 191 verses for wedding invitation, best of luck to you!!