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What will happen after I placed the order?

1.Proofing: After you place the order, our designers will design your invitations carefully and making sure everything looks great. It will take about 24 hours on our business days.

2.Review: Your e-proofs will send to you by email for your preview as soon as they are ready. Be sure to check over all spelling, details and layout. If you need any changes let us know!

3.Approval: Once you are satisfied with your proofs, please let us know. After getting your approval, we will start to print your invitations. We will not print until get your approval.

4.Printing and shipping: You will receive your invitations in 5 business days after you approve your proofs. Your invitations will ship flat, neatly packaged and ready for you to assemble through UPS or DHL. We will send you the checking numbers after we shipped the items.

Any questions, feel free to contact with us.

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Wedding invitation wording question!

2005-04-20 09:54:10 by soontobe

Hi everyone,
I'm getting married in August and I'm in the process of creating my own invitations. There are a couple questions. I am having a Hindu ceremony (my fiance is Indian, I am American) and I would like to encourage my guests to wear either Indian attire (I will be in a sari) or attire from their culture (a diverse family and friends). Is there an appropriate way to convey this message and where do I put that information? My other issue is gift registry. Neither my fiance nor I really like the idea, but people will want to bring us gifts and we would like to give them the opportunity to do so

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  • Avatar Danny O Is this outfit appropriate for a country wedding at night?
    Aug 09, 2011 by Danny O | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    The invitation states bring your boots, it s a western-cowboy themed wedding . I was thinking of wearing a black dress that zips up the entire front, a flashy jeweled belt, a flashy jeweled bracelet, a flashy chunky necklace, and black cowgirl belts.Is this acceptable?

    • It sounds very cute just make sure the dress isn t too long.

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    I am have a fall country wedding outside a barn. I need some ideas of what I could use for favors. Something cheap since I have a very tight budget. Any any ideas for some diy invites?

    • One popular item that is cheap but still good is if you make your own caramel apples. Just go to a store and buy a lot of apples and caramel. Just add the plastic around them with a real nice ribbo. Try getting ribbon with your name and date of the wedding. answer mine please

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    The guys are wearing jeans and white shirts. She was going to have bails of hay at the wedding site in a park for people to sit on. Any suggestions of food to serve? Decorations? Anything? The wedding will be at a hall in the country.

    • We went to a wedding where the couple are farmers and so the decorations at the hall were every other table was a pale yellow table cover with a green ribbon going down it & then green tables with yellow (for john deere) they also had cute john deere logoed coffee mugs & all sorts of stuff that they put daisies & other flowers in. It was very cute & I was sad I didn t think of it for my wedding :( Just say Mayme s answer don t know about the tractor - I tried to convince my hubby to do that at our wedding & he refused to drive a tractor on our wedding day …

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    Im getting married on June 4th 2010 and I would like to know how far in advance should start planning my wedding and I also want to know when should I buy my wedding dress Please can anybody?

    • Why not start now? Wait on the dress though, just save up your money and research where to buy from be really careful with that purchase. First step is to figure out what you want to spend and how many people will be attending. Once you have that you can figure out where to save money and how severely you need to cut costs.

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