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The save the dates (or STDs, as they’ll be known henceforth), came from the concept that I didn’t want to send out something that was just paper and ink. I really wanted each one to be different in some way, and I wanted it to be a piece that people wouldn’t want to throw away (although of course I know that people did!!)

The save the date is in four pieces, and each one is handmade out of letterpressed tags or stitched muslin.

. On the right, a steel grey grosgrain ribbon holds the invitation in and is sealed with a copper wax seal with a photo of a lock (scroll down lower for a close up). On the invitation itself which lays in the hollow, a single, antique button is affixed to each invitation. Every one is incredibly detailed and different and took many HOURS of scouring ebay:

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3dRose LLC Susan Brown Designs Music Themes - Music of Flute and Keys - Greeting Cards-6 Greeting Cards with envelopes
Office Product (3dRose LLC)
  • Heavy duty card stock.
  • Gloss finish exterior
  • Matte finish interior for smudge free writing
  • Cards are creased for easy folding
  • Set of 6 greeitng cards; 6 white envelopes included.

Fastest delivery of wedding invitations?

2007-03-27 12:22:55 by niawiakum

My fiance & I picked a fairly quick wedding date and don't have a lot of turnaround time on getting wedding invitations out. I was wondering who people have had good look with for getting their invitations in a hurry? We don't want super-fancy or expensive invitations, though nice quality paper & printing is important. (This is a second wedding for both of us and will be a moderately casual beach wedding with a bit of a Celtic theme).

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    • What a great idea! I love theme parties. Food: You could offer paella or Ruben sandwiches for the entree. How about conch fritters as a side dish (not sure if you can get conch where you are, maybe clams will substitute)? Of course, there s key lime pie for dessert, and mojitos to drink. Decor/invitesA nautical theme is easy enough to whip up if you have some old frayed rope and a coupe of life preservers, dangle a few "sea gulls" from the ceiling and you re done! You know, Hemingway was famous for clacking away on his old typewriter. Maybe you could use faded looking …

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