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It’s a question we get asked often, and it’s a fair question to ask. Brides often think that invitations need to be sent out much earlier than they really need to. We’ve broken it down to make it easier for you when planning your invitation order.

Local wedding, local guests
If you’re getting married in town and your guests are local, you are safe to send your invitations out 6–8 weeks before the wedding date. Your RSVP deadline can be 1 month before the wedding date, giving you plenty of time to wait for stragglers, work out your seating plan and give in your final numbers to the venue.

Local wedding, out-of-town guests
You should send out these invitations earlier than your local guest invitations, especially if the recipients live outside of North America. International mail can take anywhere from a week to two (or even more!) so be prepared. These invitations should be sent out 10–12 weeks before the wedding date. Ideally, they would have received a Save the Date 4–5 months prior, or have been informed of the wedding, whether it’s through a phone call, word of mouth or even an email. The RSVP deadline can remain as 1 month before the wedding date.

Out-of-town wedding, local or out-of-town guests
The timeline for a destination wedding is essentially the same, whether your guests are local to you or out-of-towners. Regardless of where they are, you need to give everyone extra time as booking holidays and time off from work is involved. If you are sending Save the Dates, they can be sent out as early as 8 months before the wedding. Even if you’re not sending Save the Dates, word should be spread around the 8 month period. Invitations can be sent out about 8 weeks before the wedding date, with an RSVP deadline of 3–4 weeks before. It all depends on your venue—some places require an earlier confirmation of guest numbers, and others are okay with newcomers showing up the night before the wedding.

When to order your invitations
This all depends on your wedding stationer. We all have different timelines! As a rule of thumb, anticipate around 4–6 weeks for the full ordering process—getting samples, approving artwork, printing and, if the invitations aren’t local, shipping.

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I got a late wedding invite and I dunno

2013-03-22 11:06:17 by AlecsChestRug

How I feel about it.
It's a friend from high school, and we used to be really close but lost touch, but we reconnected right after I got engaged. I invited her and her bf to my wedding, but they RSVP'd no, and she had some reason on there, and that was fine.
So she got engaged last year, and one of our mutual friends is a bridesmaid so I've been hearing about how it's going. They remained really tight over the years, and she was the only friend from high school invited so I wasn't upset I wasn't invited.
Recently this engaged friend sends me a FB message saying she "can invite more people now" and wanted my address so she can send me an invite

Stage is set for theatre wedding  — Champion Newspapers
The date is set for Friday May 23, the invitations list is being written, the bride-to-be is choosing her dress and the venue has been decided - the stage of Southport Theatre.

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