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I purchased 5 sets of these for my wedding invitations. I took a completed set to the post office the first time, with the white ribbon/bow and the post office quoted me 61 cents. After printing all of the cards back and front and tying it all together with a thinner, lighter, green ribbon to match my wedding colors, the post office wanted 81 cents per envelope to send. Be mindful that it will most likely cost around $1 in postage so incorporate that into your budget if you plan to use the bow that the kit includes as it makes it too bulky which requires extra postage. Also there is no way to attach the formal invite to the left inside pocket like there is on the right side folder. I purchased either elmer or scotch clear photo corners.

Wilton Industries Inc Set of 25 Wilton Wedding Black and White Vintage Pocket Invitation Kit
Home (Wilton Industries Inc)

I got a late wedding invite and I dunno

2013-03-22 11:06:17 by AlecsChestRug

How I feel about it.
It's a friend from high school, and we used to be really close but lost touch, but we reconnected right after I got engaged. I invited her and her bf to my wedding, but they RSVP'd no, and she had some reason on there, and that was fine.
So she got engaged last year, and one of our mutual friends is a bridesmaid so I've been hearing about how it's going. They remained really tight over the years, and she was the only friend from high school invited so I wasn't upset I wasn't invited.
Recently this engaged friend sends me a FB message saying she "can invite more people now" and wanted my address so she can send me an invite

Stage is set for theatre wedding  — Champion Newspapers
The date is set for Friday May 23, the invitations list is being written, the bride-to-be is choosing her dress and the venue has been decided - the stage of Southport Theatre.

Wilton Wilton Vintage Ivy Pocket Invitation Kit
Kitchen (Wilton)
  • Includes: 25 invitations, 25 envelopes, 25 reply cards, 25 envelopes, 50 all-purpose cards, ribbons, pre-tied bows and adhesives, 3 test sheets.
  • Set of 25 pocket invitations
  • Ivory and brown
Martha Stewart Crafts Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Girl Invitations
Art and Craft Supply (Martha Stewart Crafts)
  • From Martha Stewart Crafts
  • Coordinates with other party decor
  • Perfect for birthday parties, showers or any special occasion
Great Deal Happy Vintage 1" Letter R Retro Alphabet Initial Wax Seal Stamp Kit Set Wedding Label
Office Product (Great Deal Happy)
  • Letter: R
  • Whole Length: 3.5 (9.0 cm)
  • Seal Diameter: 1.2 (3.0 cm)
  • Handle Cut-off Diameter (maxium): 0.8 (2.0 cm)
  • Handle Length: 3.0 (7.5 cm)

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