Wording in Evening Wedding Invitations

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8 o'clock in the evening

St. Luke's Church

Boulder, Colorado

This contemporary invitation wording is less formal than the traditional "request the honour of your presence" but still communicates a solemn feeling to the event. This wording also is non-traditional because it doesn't specify who is sponsoring the wedding. If you as a couple are paying or if everyone is contributing, it is common to choose non-traditional invitation wording without an official sponsor or host.

Modern Invitation Wording - Something Old, Something New

Please join usAs we celebrate new beginnings, new dreams, and most importantly, new love

at the marriage of

Lindsay Starr Hull


Jasper Steven Adams

Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 o'clock in the evening

The Arizona Historical Museum

Phoenix, Arizona

This wording is also less formal and would be perfect for a second wedding. If you're planning a second wedding it is customary to bend the rules of etiquette for a lighter feeling to the invitations. The opening message here is even more non-traditional than the first example and also skips over the sponsor line. Whether it is your first or second wedding, the theme of a new beginning is timeless.

Contemporary Invitation Wording - With Joy

With joy in our hearts, we, Cristen Jean McGuane


John Joseph Dullaghan

Request the honor of your presence

As we exchange marriage vows

and celebrate our new life together

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Taj Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts

This wording is simple and elegant. It incorporates the formality of "request the honor of your presence" but is made personal with phrases like "our new life together". This contemporary invitation wording makes it clear that you will be extending the invitation yourselves and is classic without being too formal.

Casual Invitation Wording - Two Become One

Two lives, two heartsJoined together in friendship

united forever in love

It's with joy that we

Tracey Catherine Hannon


Ethan Michael Monserud

invite you to be with us

as we exchange our marriage vows

on the eleventh of August

Two thousand and twelve

at five o'clock in the evening

Huntington Beach Inn

San Diego, California

Another common theme that you can use is the idea of two becoming one. You will find many more casual invitation wording examples that carry this idea in the introduction of the invitation. Once again, wording your invitation this way will be more casual than a traditional invitation, but still has a romantic theme.


Invitation and Response Card wording...questions

2005-07-25 10:05:32 by erythrophobia

I'm having some difficultly with the wording for my invitations and response cards. The wedding will be on a Saturday evening (6-11:30pm). The location and the timing of the ceremony and reception are not really young children friendly.
Only a handful (13 out of 180) of our guests have young children, many of whom would probably not plan on bringing their children anyways, but I'm guessing we will still have to put something somewhere that states that this event is not for young children.
We were thinking something like, "Please, no children under age 12 (as requested by management)"
Also, the food served will be heavy hors d'ouerves so the response card will only be to get a RSVP on the head count and number of people attending over and under age 21 (for the open bar count)

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