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Printing Processes For Your Wedding Stationery

Beautiful stationery for your business, wedding or personal correspondence

Downey is considered one of the finest printers of stationery in the UK. Whether it’s for your company, wedding or personal correspondence the same dedication goes into achieving the right look, style and print solution for you with, we hope, exceptional quality results.

As we have a variety of print processes all in house, we can advise which technique works best for your design and budget requirements without bias. We can also help at an early stage in this process by creating artwork visuals, printed proofs and sending a variety of material samples all to be approval prior to the final print production.

All of our printed stationery is carefully produced at our factory in Norfolk, with each item being quality checked before packing and final delivery.

Please see our portfolio of images and information for each of our different stationery ranges and please contact one of our advisors for further assistance.

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Wording on invitations

2005-10-10 18:30:04 by Butts2be

I am looking for a chat room to discuss wedding stuff. Any suggestions? Also I need some advice on the wording on my wedding invites. Here is the problem. My fiances parents have no role in the wedding except to attend and eat all the food and drink all the wine at the reception. Second my parents have been divorced for several years now. My Dad remarried, Kelly, My stepmom whom I have a good relationship with. The bad thing is my mother recently passed away and she was not remarried. How can I put all these people on my invited without hurting anyones feelings. Please help. Thank you

Stage is set for theatre wedding  — Champion Newspapers
The date is set for Friday May 23, the invitations list is being written, the bride-to-be is choosing her dress and the venue has been decided - the stage of Southport Theatre.

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