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When planning a fun Pirate themed wedding the first thing you'll need to decide is, how far do you want to go with the Pirate theme.Here's a few ideas to get your motor spinning.

  • 1Landlubber Pirate Wedding or just a touch of the Pirate theme - Plan to use Pirate wedding invitations, pirate decorations and wedding favors, a special Pirate inspired wedding cake and maybe adorn the groomsmen with a Pirate themed tie and eye patch or hats and bandanas for the entire bridal party.

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    Buccaneer Pirate Wedding - uses all of the same Landlubber ideas but have the bride, groom and entire bridal party in full Pirate and wench or mermaid garb.

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    Scallywag Pirate Wedding - A full blown Pirate happy occasion that includes all of the above but you also request that all guests also adorn themselves in full Pirate costume and use Pirate speak throughout the entire event. This one is a blast if you can get everyone to cooperate!

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    Wedding invitation wording question!

    2005-04-20 09:54:10 by soontobe

    Hi everyone,
    I'm getting married in August and I'm in the process of creating my own invitations. There are a couple questions. I am having a Hindu ceremony (my fiance is Indian, I am American) and I would like to encourage my guests to wear either Indian attire (I will be in a sari) or attire from their culture (a diverse family and friends). Is there an appropriate way to convey this message and where do I put that information? My other issue is gift registry. Neither my fiance nor I really like the idea, but people will want to bring us gifts and we would like to give them the opportunity to do so

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